Trout 2 & Trout 2 Wide

Trout 2 and Trout 2 Wide

The first Emanuelson reel was a Trout 2. It was simply a reel with the right size for most fishermen when it saw the light of day. Since you today fish with all lighter line classes Trout 1 has been made to complement the somewhat larger Trout 2. Trout 2 is a reel that will persist throughout a lifetime, irrespective of how much you fish (although that applies for all Emanuelson reels), and the bearing construction is of course entirely capsuled also on this model. Lake fishing for trout and steelhead or sea trout fishing on the west- and east coast are equally suitable for this reel. Pick the standard model for rods in line class #5-7 and Trout 2 Wide for lines in class #6-8.

Trout 2 is no longer made in gold but we have black, natural and green in the assortment.
On the left you see Trout 2 Wide best for line class #6-8.
In this picture you see a Trout 2 from 1993 which still serves in the salt water on the west coast around Gothenburg, Sweden. Apart from some wear and tear the reel is as good as new and entirely without any gap.

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