Trout 1 & Trout 1 Large

Trout 1

The small reel for lighter line classes radiates quality and produces an incredibly solid impression when holding it in your hand.

The reel is also constructed with the same type of bearing house as the bigger reels. A radially sealed bearing house with an O-ring seal towards the reel axle supplies you with a reel that is entirely dirt- and salt water resistant.

  • 100 % safety when fishing the lighter line classes is not quite the regular thing.
  • The reel weighs 110 grams in its standard design and 102 grams with the light weight frame.
  • The volume is sufficient for lines up to class #5 or #6 depending on spool.
  • In the picture below you see the light weight model which spool retainer has been drilled to save a few extra grams.
Trout 1 with light weight frame and black gable.
Trout 1 with light weight frame to the left and standard design to the right.
The picture below shows the back of a Trout 1 standard reel with the knob that adjusts the over run protection and a straight line guide.

Emanuelson Trout 1 Large

Trout 1 Large is a variation where we have increased the width of the spool to make room for lines to class #6 or long class#5 lines. The spool’s interior has been lathed instead of the exterior which you can see in the picture below. This is simply the perfect complement for you who already have a Trout 1 and wish to use some heavier lines on a small reel. Please contact us if you have any questions about these reels.

Trout 1 Large with a standard frame.
Large modeled spool to the left in the picture.

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