Salmon & Salmon Wide

Salmon and Salmon Wide

Salmon and Salmon Wide are the reels for the big fish. The radial sealed bearing construction, the water leveling safe over run protection and the maintenance free bearing house makes this a most reliable and potent salmon reel.

The thought behind this reel is reliability combined with the direct contact you as a fisherman get with a salmon reel without an actual brake. You brake the Emanuelson Salmon yourself on the broad spool brim. If you need to handle a rushing fish the over run protection also works excellently as a brake.

When fishing for salmon you simply can’t afford a reel that isn’t reliable in all conditions. Emanuelson Salmon is the safety you need for the salmon fishing.

Assemble your rod, get your Emanuelson reel and mount it on your rod. Adjust the brake action so that the reel doesn’t over run when you pull out line. Wade into the river and experience the bliss of fishing.

The spool side on Emanuelson Salmon.
The stylistically pure gable on Emanuelson Salmon.
Here you see the difference between the normal and the broader spool.

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