Reel cases


Today we have a number of cases for our reels. When you buy your new Emanuelson reel a black cloth pouch is included for maximum protection already from the beginning. Many of our customers choose a leather case which adds to a more luxurious and stylish feeling.

With our salmon reels we send our exclusive reindeer case already from the beginning.

Emanuelson Black Pouch

Many customers have made inquiries about an alternative to our leather reel pouches. A few years ago we therefore introduced a really practical pouch with a double sided cloth.

The simpler the better. We have born this in mind when choosing a fairly thick, durable cloth which tolerates rough handling for a long time.

All pouches have a double sided cloth which provides the right protection for the reel without getting ungainly. The pouch is equipped with a cord closure that is easy to handle even if your fingers are cold.

If your luck’s out and the pouch for some reason turns ugly, it’s completely reversible with the logotype and all on the inside as well.

Emanuelson Black Pouch is suitable for all reels up to and including Sea Trout.

Emanuelson Black Pouch with a Sea Trout reel.
Emanuelson Black Pouch with a Trout 1 Standard.

Emanuelson Leather Pouch

Our new leather cases for the smaller reels are now in stock. Leather of highest quality and a synthetic inside to prevent water absorption provides you with a case that ages beautifully and at the same time is very functional. A straight forward closure device that is easy to handle even with cold fingers.

The smaller case fits Trout 1 and the slightly bigger case fits Trout 2 and Sea Trout.

Emanuelson Leather Pouch with a Trout 2 Standard.

Emanuelson Reindeer Pouch

Our reindeer pouches are a very fine complement to the Sea Trout and Salmon reels.

Soft reindeer skin of highest quality with a button of reindeer horn and a lining in dark lamb skin provides you with a reel protection that not only lasts for long but also ages very beautifully.

The supply of these reel pouches vary greatly and nowadays we always prioritize to have pouches in stock to deliver with new salmon reels.

Emanuelson Reindeer Pouch is best suited for Sea Trout and Salmon.

Emanuelson Reindeer Pouch for Sea Trout and Salmon.

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