Old School


Just as its model Trout 1 Old School radiates quality. It’s enough to hold it in your hand to realize that this is a craftsmanship such as craftsmanship was before Asia took over.

The flamingly brown surface treatment blends perfectly with both split cane and more modern rods in glass- or carbon fibre. Now you can use a modern and extremely reliable reel with your rod without getting anything but admiring gazes from your fishing brothers.

Emanuelson Old School with a big spool, 107 grams of beauty.

As you can see in the picture above the new surface treatment provides a simplistic, correct and classic appearance. On the spool we have made the handle and counter weight in a sort of wood called Pockenholz to make all the reel’s details blend into one unit.


After 25 years we dare saying that our radial sealed bearing house is the best solution on the market. It provides you with a reel that is entirely resistant to dirt and salt water and, truth to be told, not one of our reels has ever been returned with any production or material faults. Apart from straightening a few spools on maltreated reels we don’t perform any service in our workshop.

  • 100 % safety
  • 100 % gap free spools
  • 100 % smooth running
  • 100 % no maintenance (to rinse the reel after fishing in salt water is not prohibited and very good for the line and backing line)
  • The reels are surface treated in several turns to achieve the right lustre which results in a slightly thicker and even more durable surface.
  • The reel weighs 105-115 grams depending on design which is perfect for practically all wooden rods in the lighter line classes.
  • The size fits all lines in class #3-5 or #4-6 if you choose the bigger spool.
  • The spool’s diameter is not more than 74 mm. Combined with the unusually low reel foot the reel blends with your rod.
  • The spool’s width (27-28.7 mm) is just accurate to draw the advantages from reels with big spools at the same time as the aesthetic appearance isn’t ruined by a reel design that is too modern.
  • The line guide can be delivered straight or hooked according to taste. It’s however not certain that we always have a guide with the right colour tone in stock which might make it difficult to replace a guide on a reel already manufactured.
  • The attachment of the handle is of the same type as on Trout 1 but the handle itself and the counter weight are made in Pockenholz to match the reel’s colour tone.
  • Incidentally our oval light weight reel attachment is mounted on the reel which means that you change spool quickly and don’t have any loose parts to monitor.
  • The bearing house runs on two bearings which guarantee the smooth running and the low starting resistance. The construction eliminates gaps and requires no maintenance whatever.
  • On the spool’s gable is a knob to adjust the overrun protection.
  • Service? A drop of oil on the radial seal towards the reel axle every tenth year.

A new gable piece

The gable piece still has the outer row with small holes but they now run all the way around. This means that the surface for engraving on the exterior no longer exists on the standard model. If you want an engraving on the reel’s exterior we remove both holes by the reel foot (see picture further down). The inner ring has got a little bigger, slightly oval, holes. The reel foot is just as before of the extra low design which allows the reel to get real close to the blade. The reel foot is, with this type of gable piece, engraved with “EMANUELSON” underneath.

Old School’s inner ring consists of five oval holes.


To provide you with greater freedom as a buyer we have decide that Old School can be ordered with three different gable pieces. Apart from the standard model with many holes, we have a model with slightly fewer holes with room for engraving. The third option is to use a whole, undrilled gable piece to provide for even more Old School sensation. The latter model increases the reel’s weight with approximately 10 grams.

Here you see a brown gable with space for engraving on the reel’s exterior.
Emanuelson Old School goes best with our leather pouch.

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