The Emanuelson reels are available in seven different sizes and eleven combinations ranging from the light grayling and trout fishing to salmon reels. Basically there are four different spool diameters where Trout 2 and Salmon are furthermore available in designs with broader spools for those who prefer lines that require volume or want some extra backing line on their reel.

  • The reel’s design has made it possible for the reel to end up just near the rod blank for a more comfortable fishing.
  • The external line guide has made it possible to decrease the diameter of the frame and the spool with a lighter reel as a result. Because of this the Emanuelson reels have a very low starting resistance and the halt safely and evenly.
  • The rubber catches by the line guide and reel foot admits organizing the leader and line on the reel if necessary.
  • The unique construction of the bearing house provides for a spool assembly without any gaps what so ever. The construction will not allow a gap to appear with time why the spool stays where it should, year after year.
  • A radial seal is assembled between the bearing house and reel frame which totally protects the reel from dirt and salt water. The seal is dimensioned so that the spool never runs entirely freely why line messes never occur.
  • You adjust the overrun protection/brake on the spool’s gable using a knob.
  • The spool and the spool mount are designed so that a shrinking backing line doesn’t deform the spool. There are no loose parts why a change of spool is very quick with the Emanuelson reel’s clever attachment of the spool.
  • The bearing house hangs on two bearings to assure a smooth running of the reel without any gap.
Reels from Emanuelson in some different sizes.


Trout 1, Trout 1 Large and Old School

This is the smallest Emanuelson reel and it’s most suitable for class #3-5 lines. It might be the best reel you can get for your rod in class #4-5.

Trout 1 Large has a larger spool volume to contain lines up to class #6. The frame is the same and you can use any type of spool that you want without changing anything on the reel. With an extra spool model Large you simply have more lines available for your reel. This spool weighs two grams more than the standard spool since it’s equipped with a slightly broader brake brim.

There is also a frame in light weight design. The reel then gets eight grams lighter for those who are chasing grams or simply are appealed by the look.

Old School is a variation of Trout 1 and has basically the same technical specifications.
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Trout 2 and Trout 2 Wide

This is the standard reel and the first that Emanuelson introduced to the market. Line class #5-7 is suitable for the standard spool while line class #6-8 is convenient on the broader variant.
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Line class #7-9 for sea trout and small salmon. The size of the reel makes it a match with your one hand rod or light two hand rod.
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Salmon and Salmon Wide

A solid and very reliable salmon reel. No leveling of the brake and the simple and very stable construction will make you fish with lots of confidence. A weight forward line in class #9-11 or whole spey lines up to #7-8 are recommended. If you use a thin 30lb (Dynema or Micronit) backing line there is plenty of room on the spool. Salmon Wide holds lines in class #10-12.
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Detail photos

Emanuelson fly fishing reels have a unique construction which makes them among the best that you can purchase for your fly fishing. Click on any of the links at the top of this page to view detail photos and read some about the construction of the reels.
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