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Here you who work in media or need pictures for websites or similar may download some of our pictures in high resolution versions. These pictures are always free to use but you must state or Emanuelson reels as a clearly visible source in connection with the publication.

The files are saved in tiff-format unless otherwise stated.


Right hand click on the icon below every miniature picture to download to your hard disk.

A collection of Emanuelson Trout 1 in different colour appearances. (4.17 MB)

Emanuelson Trout 1 with light weight frame. (2.99 MB)

Emanuelson Trout 2 in gold with hooked line guide (3.10 MB)

Emanuelson Trout 1 seen from behind. (2.98 MB)

Emanuelson Trout 2 with a wide and a standard spool respectively. (3.30 MB)

Emanuelson Trout 2 Wide with the spool detached. (2.79 MB)

Emanuelson Sea Trout and Emanuelson Black Pouch. (High resolution jpg-picture. (718 KB)