All Emanuelson fly reels have one thing in common being products of pure handicraft when as best. The yearly production is low and most customers must wait a while for their new reel. This is because every single reel is handmade, entirely without any sort of automatic lathe or mill and with an extreme precision. It simply takes quite many hours to complete a reel in Björn’s workshop.

Here you can see some detailed pictures of a Trout 1 reel. The line in the pictures is a 27 meters long Cortland 444 Creek in line class #4. As you can see there is still plenty of room on the standard spool and you can easily load a line in class #5 if you so wish.

The reel foot is unusually low which contributes to the solid feeling when casting.
The bearing house is entirely capsuled with a radial seal towards the frame and an O-ring on the exterior. This guarantees a reel which tolerates both dirt and salt water for many years without maintenance. The over run protection is simple and functional with a brake clutch against an aluminium plate.
The line guide is entirely assembled on the spool’s exterior which means that the frame’s diameter and mass can be reduced. The weight reduction results in a lower starting resistance without over run. The rubber pins by the line guide and the spool gives you the opportunity to adjust the leader if it isn’t in the right position when you load the line.
A clean and silk smooth design not only looks and feels good, it’s also durable. Here you see the knob for adjusting the tension of the over run protection.
The spool’s unique insertion to the bearing house makes it close to impossible to wear out. No matter for how long you use your reel there will ever be a gap between spool and frame. The spool stays where it’s supposed to year after year.
A spool exchange is quick and there are no loose parts to keep track of. Most of our customers actually buy spare spools to their reels.