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Björn Emanuelson is Emanuelson Reels – a precision toolmaker with a passion for quality and fly fishing.

The reel that is being offered for sale today had its pattern designed in 1991, but saw the light of day much earlier. Apart from this reel model Björn has made a number of prototypes that have been tested over the years but never taken into production. If you don’t make more than 30-40 reels a year all parts get hard to handle if you have too many models in the assortment. All today’s color combinations are more than sufficient.

An early prototype of Emanuelson Trout 2.

What Björn strived to accomplish when he constructed today’s Trout reel was a maintenance free tool that would last for long. We who use his reels can certify that he succeeded very well with these intentions.

In this picture you see a set of brown Trout reels.

Over the years a few batches of custom made reels that differ slightly from the ones we normally sell have been constructed. Today the production is so low that there are hardly ever any special models made. The reason for this is partly the large number of adjustments that needs to be made with the tools, partly the difficulty to anodize small amounts of parts. Anodizing will then be very expensive and you tend to experience problems with different shades in separate batches.

Today’s Trout model had its pattern protected in 1991.
In this picture you see a gable piece of a Trout 1 Puritan that looks old already when you unpack it for the first time. The series of Puritan reels was made during 2010 and in 2012 a refined version by the name of Emanuelson Old School was introduced.