Emanuelson Old School Brass

Old School Brass is a natural development of Old School to provide our customers with the optimum tool for a classic split cane rod without tampering with modern design and quality. The gable piece is undrilled and entirely without decorations. The reel foot is engraved with “EMANUELSON” underneath. In other words there is no “advertising” on the reel’s exterior, only a plain engravement
on the reel foot’s attachment.

Surface treatment with brass coloured anodising bring your thoughts back a hundred years at the same time as you have all modernities on the inside. It’s not about fooling anyone; it’s all about using a top modern reel which simultaneously blends in with the spirit of the time. You could say that Old School Brass brings the best of two worlds: modern quality with a classic look.

Same technique

Here we use the same technique as for Trout 1, an indestructible perpetual machine.

  • 100 % safety
  • 100 % gap free spools
  • 100 % smooth running
  • 100 % no maintenance (to rinse the reel after fishing in salt water is not prohibited and very good for the line and backing line)
  • The reels are surface treated in several turns to achieve the right lustre which results in a slightly thicker and even more durable surface.
  • The reel weighs 115-117 grams depending on design which is perfect for practically all wooden rods in the lighter line classes.
  • The size fits all lines in class #3-5 or #4-6 if you choose the bigger spool.
  • The spool’s diameter is not more than 74 mm. Combined with the unusually low reel foot the reel blends with your rod.
  • The spool’s width (27-28.7 mm) is just accurate to draw the advantages from reels with big spools at the same time as the aesthetic appearance isn’t ruined by a reel design that is too modern.
  • The line guide can be delivered straight or hooked according to taste. It’s however not certain that we always have a guide with the right colour tone in stock which might make it difficult to replace a guide on a reel already manufactured.
  • The attachment of the handle is of the same type as on Trout 1 but the handle itself and the counter weight are made in Pockenholz to match the reel’s colour tone.
  • Incidentally our oval light weight reel attachment is mounted on the reel which means that you change spool quickly and don’t have any loose parts to monitor.
  • The bearing house runs on two bearings which guarantee the smooth running and the low starting resistance. The construction eliminates gaps and requires no maintenance whatever.
  • On the spool’s gable is a knob to adjust the overrun protection.
  • Service? A drop of oil on the radial seal towards the reel axle every tenth year.
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